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Sympatec은 "체분석이외의 크기측정법" 그룹인 ISO/TC24/SC4 및 독일공업규격협회(DIN)의
NABau 11.42.00인 "Partikelmesstechnik".의 회원이며, Sympatec은 입도분석관련 모든 규격의 개발과정에 참여하고 있다.

Chairmanship: Dr. Wolfgang Witt (Sympatec GmbH, Germany), since 1 January 2017
Secretary:         JIST (JP, Dr. Shigehisa Endoh)

Currently the following ISO standards are existing (bolt) or in preparation
(status: 15 April 2016),
the convenors / shadow convenors of the working groups are listed in brackets:

WG Part Reference Status Title
WG1 Representation of analysis data
(Prof. Dr. Michael Stintz, TU Dresden, DE)
      Representation of results of particle size analysis
Part 1 ISO 9276-1:1998 90.93 Graphical representation
  ISO 9276-1:1998/Cor1:2004 60:60 Corrigendum to ISO 9276-1:1998
Part 2 ISO 9276-2:2014 60.60 Calculation of average particle sizes/diameters and moments from particle size distributions, currently in revision
Part 3 ISO 9276-3:2008 90.93

Adjustment of an experimental curve to a reference model

Part 4 ISO 9276-4:2001 90.93 Characterization of a classification process
Part 5 ISO 9276-5:2005 90.93 Methods of calculation relating to particle size analyses using logarithmic normal probability distribution
Part 6 ISO 9276-6:2008 90.93 Descriptive and quantitative representation of particle shape and morphology
ISO 26824:2013 60.60 Particle characterization of particulate systems - Vocabulary
WG2 Sedimentation, classification
(Prof. Dr. Dietmar Lerche, LUM GmbH, DE)
Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods
Part 1 ISO 13317-1:2001 90.93 General principles and guidelines
Part 2 ISO 13317-2:2001 90.93 Fixed pipette method
Part 3 ISO 13317-3:2001 90.93 X-ray gravitational technique
Part 4 ISO 13317-4:2014 60.60 Balance method
Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods 
Part 1 ISO 13318-1:2001 90.93 General principles and guidelines
Part 2 ISO 13318-2:2007 90.93 Photocentrifuge method
Part 3 ISO 13318-3:2004 90.93 Centrifugal X-ray method
      Determination of the particle density by sedimentation methods
Part 1 ISO/DIS 18747-1 [Under development] 40.60 Isopicnic interpolation approach
Part 2 ISO/AWI 18747-2 [Under development] 20.00 Multivelocity approach
WG3 Pore size distribution, porosity
(Dr. Matthias Thommes, Quantachrome Instruments, US)
      Pore size distribution and porosity of solid materials by mercury porosimetry and gas adsorption
Part 1 ISO 15901-1:2016 60.60 Mercury porosimetry
Part 2 ISO 15901-2:2006 90.93 Analysis of mesopores and macropores by gas adsorption
ISO 15901-2:2006/ Cor 1:2007 60.60 Corrigendum to ISO 15901-2:2006
Part 3 ISO 15901-3:2007 90.93 Analysis of micropores by gas adsorption
ISO 9277:2010 90.93 Determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas absorption -- BET method
WG4 Optical measurement methods: - DISSOLVED -
WG5     Liquid displacement methods
(Dr. Stephen Ward-Smith, Malvern Instruments Ltd, UK)
  ISO 13319:2007
90.92 Determination of particle size distributions - Electrical sensing zone method
  ISO 13319 30.00 Particle size analysis – Electrozone sensing method
WG6 Laser diffraction methods
(Prof. Tatsushi Matsuyama, Soka University, JP)
  ISO 13320:2009 90.92 Particle size analysis - Laser diffraction methods
ISO/CD 13320 [Under development] 30.00 Laser diffraction methods
WG7 Dynamic light scattering
(Dr. Thomas Linsinger, JRC-IRMM, BE)
ISO 13321:1996 90.93 Particle size analysis - Photon correlation spectroscopy
ISO 22412:2017 60.60 Particle Size Analysis - Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
ISO 22412:2008 [Withdrawn] 95.99 Particle Size Analysis - Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  ISO 19430:2016 60.60 Particle size analysis -- Particle tracking analysis (PTA) method
WG8 Image analysis methods
(Dr. Wolfgang Witt, Sympatec GmbH, DE )
      Particles Size Analysis - Image analysis methods
Part 1 ISO 13322-1:2014 60.60 Static image analysis methods
Part 2 ISO 13322-2:2006 90.92 Dynamic image analysis methods
WG9 Single particle light interaction methods
(Dr. Ian Marshall, Ricardo plc, UK)
      Determination of particle size distribution - Single particle light interaction methods
Part 1 ISO 21501-1:2009 90.93 Light scattering aerosol spectrometer
Part 2 ISO 21501-2:2007 90.93 Light scattering liquid-borne particle counter
Part 3 ISO 21501-3:2007 90.93 Light extinction liquid-borne particle counter
Part 4 ISO 21501-4:2007 90.92 Light scattering airborne particle counter for clean spaces
  ISO/DIS 21501-4 [Under development] 40.60 Light scattering airborne particle counter for clean spaces
WG10 Small angle X-ray scattering method
(Prof. Dr. Michael Krumrey, PTB, DE)
ISO 17867:2015 60.60 Particle size analysis - Small-angle X-ray scattering
WG11 Sample preparation and reference materials
(Dr. Thomas Linsinger, JRC-IRMM, BE)
ISO 14487: 2000 90.93 Sample preparation - Dispersion procedures for powders in liquids
ISO 14488 :2007 90.93 Particulate materials - Sampling and sample splitting for the determination of particulate properties
      Preparation of particulate reference materials
  Part 1 ISO/TS 14411-1:2017 60.60 Polydisperse material based on picket fence of monodisperse spherical particles
WG12     Electrical mobility and number concentration analysis of aerosol particles
(Dr. Hans-Georg Horn, TSI Inc., DE)
  ISO 15900: 2009 90.92 Determination of particle size distribution - Differential electrical mobility analysis for aerosol particles
  ISO 27891:2015 60.60 Aerosol particle number concentration --Calibration of condensation particle number counters
WG14 Acoustic methods
(Dr. Richard Tweedie, TSK Solutions Ltd, UK)
      Measurement and characterization of particles by acoustic methods
Part 1 ISO 20998-1:2006 90.93 Concepts and procedures in ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy
Part 2 ISO 20998-2:2013 60.60 Guidelines for linear theory
Part 3 ISO 20998-3:2017 60.60 Guidelines for non-linear theory
WG15 Particle characaterization by focussed beam techniques
(Terry P. Redman, Mettler Toledo, US)
Part 1 ISO/NWI 10876-1 (cancelled) 10.00 Back scattering techniques
WG16       Characterisation of particle dispersion in liquids
(Prof. Dr. Dietmar Lerche, LUM GmbH, DE)
  ISO/TR 13097:2013 60.60 Guidelines for the characterization of dispersion stability
    ISO/PWI 12187   Particle size analysis - Dispersed stability characterisation in liquids
    ISO/WD 18748 [Deleted]   Characterization of dispersibility of solid particulate objects into a liquid
WG17       Methods for zeta potential determination
(Dr. Renliang Xu, Micromeritics Instrument Corp., US)
      Colloidal systems - Methods for zeta-potential determination
Part1 ISO 13099-1:2012 90.20 Electroacoustic and electrokinetic phenomena
Part 2 ISO 13099-2:2012 90.20 Optical methods
Part 3 ISO 13099-3:2014 60.60 Acoustic methods
Part4 ISO/PWI 13099-4 00.00 Streaming potential method
Part 5 ISO/PWI 13099-5 00.00 Other methods
  ISO/PWI TR 19997 00.00 Guidelines for zeta-potential measurement

이 정보의 변경에 대한 책임이 수여되지 암ㅎ습니다. For latest information please refer to www.iso.org.

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입도측정관련 ISO 규정


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The preparation of an ISO standard is organised in stages. The status consits out of two parts, separeted by a point.

First part (xx.yy):


Proposal stage: 
New Work Item (NWI)


Preparatory stage:
Working Draft (WD)


Committee stage:
Committee Draft (CD)


Enquiry stage:
Distributed International Standard (DIS)


Approval stage:
Fixed Distributed International Standard (FDIS)


Publication stage:
International Standard (IS)


Review Stage


Withdrawal stage

Second part (xx.yy):




Start of main action


Completion of main action




Repeat an earliar phase


Repeat current phase





For more details please refer to the ISO/IEC directives,
upplement - Procedures specific to ISO, page 31.