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Our latest products are displayed on the ACHEMA 2015 in hall 4.1, booth L7.


Please visit our booth.

ACHEMA 2015 booth

ACHEMA 2015 booth

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Wet Dosing Unit

For dynamic image analysis of suspensions or emulsions with the QICPIC sensor family LIQXI offers a professional feeding solution for the universal flow cell LIXELL.

Image Analyser QICPIC with Dry Disperser RODOS

The wet dosing unit LIQXI for use in combination with LIXELL

It comprises all the necessary stages such as a flow optimised glass beaker with stirrer to generate a well homegenised sample and a persitaltic pump for silent sample transport. Close and open loop operation is supported. The temperture of the sample is controlled by an infrared thermometer.

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Universal Flow Cell for
Suspension Analysis with QICPIC

LIXELL offers the most flexible solution for the analysis of suspension and emulsions with our image analysis sensor family QICPIC.

LIXELL universal flow cell

The universal flow cell LIXELL for the analysis of suspensions and emulsions with QICPIC.

It comprises a flow cell and connections to external dosing units, such as a pump, a syringe, or the wet dosing unit LIQXI.

The cuvette position is aligned by software for optimum sharpness of the images (auto-focus). Sample volumes down to some ml can be measured. Different flow cuvettes with optical path lengths from 0.05 to 2 mm are available. They are automatically identified by wireless RFID technology.

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Dynamic Image Analysis
with USB3.0

The world of dynamic image analysis with the QICPIC R-Series may now be discovered with the entry level model R02.

QICPIC/R, click to enlarge

QICIC/R02 with dry disperser RODOS/L and vibratory feeder VIBRI/L, front view

With a maximum resolution of 4.2 megapixel, frame rates up to 225 frames per second and USB 3.0-based data transfer of 5 GBit/s numerous applications within a detection range from below 1 µm to about 34,000 µm are mastered convincingly. The powerful image analysis technology is available for process applications with the recent PICTOS R-Series as well.

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The R-Series of photon cross-correlation sensor NANOPHOX reaches out to an unprecedented application range of 0.5 nm to 10,000 nm even in high-concentrated nanodispersions.

NANOPHOX/R front view, click to enlarge

NANOPHOX/R front view

Without elaborate external conditioning, analyses may be conducted in a temperature range from 0°C to 90°C without condensation at best temperature stability and accuracy.

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High sample throughput for laser diffraction sensor HELOS and image analysis sensor QICPIC is mastered with the two fully automated sample handling systems MULTISAMPLER for dry and wet applications.

MULTISAMPLER/wet with rack and 70 sample vials.

Up to 70 sample vials, each containing up to 39 ml, are fed out of a rack to the sensors. The single samples are identified by laser engraved data matrix codes.

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Universal Wet Disperser

The modular laser diffraction classic HELOS is now being empowered by the next generation of universal wet dispersing system QUIXEL/L.

QUIXEL/L universal wet disperser for HELOS sensor series on a stand

Its unique design allows short cycle times down to one measurement per minute. A newly developed, controllable and powerful sonication unit supports an optimal sample preparation to receive reliable, representative measuring results in a measuring range from 0.1 µm to 3,500 µm. The spectrum of applications embraces disperse systems even with mixtures of different fractions, of higher density, in viscous or organic dispersing media. Sample amount may be varied between 300 ml to 1,000 ml. For conditioning, an internal 60 W heating module is at hand. The convincing inner values of QUIXEL also show in an appealing outer appearance of display and operation panel.

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FLOWCELL is a universal open-loop cell for measuring size and shape of coarse particles in liquid, such as pulp in juice, polymers (e.g. ion-exchanger), shear stress and/or pressure sensitive particles (emulsions), agglomeration processes, and for suspension polymerization, etc.

FLOWCELL with 20 mm cuvette, ready for the installation to the measuring zone of the high speed image analyser QICPIC

Two stainless steel cuvettes with gap widths of 10 mm and 20 mm are available, covering size ranges from 11 µm to above 30 mm. The cuvette holder is swivable to remove the cuvette for cleaning.

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This release supports all Sympatec instruments, dispersers, feeders and samplers, including those, which have been recently released. A typical installation runs on a single PC. Network-wide installations with several instruments and separate data base servers are supported as well.

WINDOX Release 5.9 is a single validated software that controlls all Sympatec instruments in a network wide environment.

With respect to WINDOX 5.8 major improvements for NANOPHOX and QICPIC have been implemented, including the intensity weighted distribution type (NANOPHOX), and new shape parameters (QICPIC). Further more the pre-sets of the software have now been optimised for one or two monitor operation with 1920x1080 pixels.

The user language of the software is selectable to Englisch, German, French, Chinese and Japanese. The software is compliant with CFR 21 rule 11.

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For particle size and shape analysis in process environment the successful PICTOS/PICTIS/ PICCELL family has been updated to the QICPIC/R06 technology. All systems offer now 4.2 MPixel @ 175 fps via CoaXPress.

PICTOS combines the components of the high speed image analysing sensor QICPIC/R06 and the dry disperser RODOS in a rigid stainless steel housing.
2 measuring ranges cover a size range from 4.2 µm to 22,458 µm.

The on-line image analyser PICTOS/R
with vibratory feeder VIBRI/L

As with the on-line laser diffraction sensor MYTOS PICTOS can be directly connected to representative samplers TWISTER, or MIXER, to various probes, or to the vibratory feeder VIBRI.

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PICTIS has been designed for the on-line analysis of granulates and fragile particles. Here the high speed image analysis technology of QICPIC/R06 has been combined with the gravity disperser GRADIS.
2 measuring ranges cover a size range from 4.2 µm to 22,458 µm.

The on-line image analyser PICTIS with vibratory feeder VIBRI/L-GMP

As with the on-line laser diffraction sensor MYTIS PICTIS can be directly connected to various samplers, or to the vibratory feeder VIBRI.

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PICCELL represents the combination of a high pressure (up to 10 bar) flow cell and the high speed dynamic image analysis sensor QICPIC/R06.
5 measuring ranges cover a size range from 1.1 µm to 22,458 µm.

The on-line image analyser PICCELL with front cover slightly opened

Stainless steel cuvettes with EPDM seals in GMP design with gap width of 0.2 mm to 20 mm provide an optimum adaptation to the application. PICCELL can be directly connected to various samplers, dilution stations.

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01 June 2017,
Yeosu, KR

flag_no Relpowflo 2017,
13 - 15 June 2017,
Skien, NO

flag_hu WORLD of COFFEE 2017,
13 - 15 June 2017,
Budapest, HU

flag_us POWDERMET 2017,
14 - 15 June 2017,
Las Vegas, NV, USA

flag_pc CPhl China 2017,
20 - 22 June 2017,
Shanghai, CN

flag_pc Battery China 2017,
21 - 23 June 2017,
Beijing, CN

flag_us IFT 2017,
25 - 28 June 2017,
Las Vegas, NV, USA

flag_gb Granulation Conference 2017,
28 - 30 June 2017,
Sheffield, GB

flag_in PM Tour Kolkata,
13 July 2017,
Kolkata, IN

flag_in PM Tour Sikkim,
15 July 2017,
Sikkim, IN

flag_in PM Tour Goa,
29 July 2017,
Goa, IN

flag_pc PM Tour Lianyungang,
01 August 2017,
Lianyungang, CN

flag_in PM Tour Mumbai,
02 September 2017,
Mumbai, IN

flag_gb APS PharmSci 2017,
05 - 07 September 2017,
Glasgow, GB

flag_be PM Tour Gembloux,
12 September 2017,
Gembloux, BE

flag_us PM Tour Boston,
12 September 2017,
Boston, MA, US

flag_nl PM Tour Veenendaal,
14 September 2017,
Veenendaal, NL

flag_ru PM Tour Ekaterinburg,
14 September 2017,
Ekaterinburg, RU

flag_dk PM Tour Copenhagen,
19 September 2017,
Copenhagen, DK

flag_gb PM Tour Cambridge,
19 September 2017,
Cambridge, GB

flag_fr Chimie Lyon 2017,
20 - 21 September 2017,
Lyon, FR

flag_se Powder Technology,
20 - 22 September 2017,
Lund, SE

flag_ie PM Tour Cork,
21 September 2017,
Cork, IE

flag_ie PM Tour São Paulo,
25 September 2017,
São Paulo, BR

flag_de POWTECH 2017,
26 - 28 September 2017,
Nürnberg, DE

flag_pc PM Tour Jinhua,
01 October 2017,
Jinhua, CN

flag_es Expoquimia 2017,
02 - 06 October 2017,
Barcelona, ES

flag_nl Lab Technology 2017,
03 - 04 October 2017,
Utrecht, NL

flag_fi PM Tour Helsinki,
05 October 2017,
Helsinki, FI

flag_fr PM Tour Paris,
10 October 2017,
Paris, FR

flag_de PM Tour Berlin,
11 October 2017,
Berlin, DE

flag_fr PM Tour Lyon,
12 October 2017,
Lyon, FR

flag_se MVIC's Symposium,
11 - 13 October 2017,
Lund, SE

flag_dk Powder Formulation:
Design Principles, Characterisation
and Processes
11 - 13 October 2017,
Copenhagen, DK

flag_pc IPB 2017,
16 - 18 October 2017,
Shanghai, CN

flag_it PM Tour Napoli,
17 October 2017,
Napoli, IT

flag_se Advanced Course
on Characterisation of
Powders within Pharma,
Food and Chemistry,

18 - 20 October 2017,
Lund, SE

flag_it PM Tour
Civitanova Marche
19 October 2017,
Civitanova Marche, IT

flag_pc PM Tour Tianjin,
26 October 2017,
Tianjin, CN

flag_us ChemShow 2017,
31 October - 02 November 2017,
New York, NY, USA

flag_gb Lab Innovations 2017,
01 - 02 November 2017,
Birmingham, GB
(not final)

flag_de PM Tour Karlsruhe,
07 November 2017,
Karlsruhe, DE

flag_de PM Tour Leverkusen,
09 November 2017,
Leverkusen, DE

flag_us AAPS 2017,
12 - 16 November 2017,
San Diego, CA, USA

flag_ru Pharmtech Moskau 2017,
21 - 24 November 2017,
Moscow, RU

flag_gb DDL 2017,
06 - 08 December 2017,
Edinburgh, GB

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