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MYTIS is a unique combination of our established laser diffraction sensor with gentle dry dispersion by the built-in gravity disperser, optimised for at-line or on-line applications with sensitive or fragile dry particles;
displayed: MYTIS with dosing unit VIBRI/L-GMP.

Technical specifications and dimensions.

MYTIS combines the technology of the well established laser diffraction sensor HELOS with the gentle dry gravity disperser GRADIS/L in a single robust instrument, specially designed for at-line or on-line applications in the process environment. MYTIS is directly operating with manual or automatic feeds, e.g. by external robots, delivering samples to the inlet hopper of the VIBRI/L-GMP dosing unit.

Like HELOS it combines well proven techniques: Particle sizing by laser diffraction in the parallel laser beam. A robust HeNe-laser is used as light source. In combination with patented spatial filter a nearly perfect plane wave is used for illumination of the particles. The particles are fed at constant mass flow by the integrated dosing unit into the gravity disperser. Here, the particles are accelerated by gravity of earth and gently dispersed by particle-to-particle and particle-to-wall collisions at impact plates of the fall shaft of the disperser. The diffracted light is collected by the Fourier objective and imaged to the precision multi-element detector with 31 semi-circular elements. Auto-centering guaranties perfect optical alignment under all process conditions. The conversion of the intensity data to particle sizes in 31 size classes is performed by the powerful WINDOX software.

MYTIS covers particle sizes between 0.5 µm to 3.5 mm in two measuring ranges.

MYTIS fulfils the security requirements of the FDA and is compliant to 21 CFR Rule 11.

A special version covers the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as an option.

Highlights of MYTIS

One measuring principle for the complete size range from 0.5 µm to 3,500 µm,
in a parallel laser beam of 632.8 nm, fully compliant with ISO 13320.
Efficient gently dry gravity dispersion in combination with a precision dosing unit enable large sample sizes. This simplifies the primary sampling and reduces the statistical errors especially for coarse particles.
Up to two measuring range modules, each using a specially designed
(Fourier-) objective for highest precision and resolution of the particle size distribution.
Precision semicircular (180°) multi-element photo-detector with auto-alignment for optimum acquisition of the diffraction patterns, especially of non-spherical particles.
Evaluation of particle size distributions with
  • Fraunhofer theory (applicable without knowledge of optical parameters)
WINDOX 5 software for control of the instruments and evaluation of particle size analysis data:
  • one software supports all off-line, at-line, on-line, in-line instruments,
  • data base oriented, multi-sensor capable, designed for > 106 HELOS measurements,
  • compliant with 21 CFR rule 11.
  • Up to 2000 particle size distributions per second can be acquired using the integrated time resolved mode.
Rigid full stainles steel housing with integrated control box allowing for the operation of the sensor in industrial environment.
A GMP version is available as an option.

For laser diffraction applications in the laboratory (off-line) please refer to HELOS.

At-line/on-line particle size analysis with laser diffraction,
Size range 0.5 µm - 3500 µm


MYTIS&VIBRI Top view, click to enlarge

MYTIS&VIBRI /L-GMP with acrylic glass cover. The control box is visible on the rear

MYTOS&VIBRI side view, click to enlarge

MYTIS&VIBRI side view showing the stainless steel trolley and the control box an the left with the WLAN antenna


In order to keep the installation and operation as simple as possible, the MYTIS control box contains a powerful embedded PC with a 2 GHz Pentium M processor, 100 Gbytes of harddisk and a 100Mbit/1Gbit network interface.

As all particle sizing data are calculated and stored locally, a simple industrial TCP/IP network operating at 10/100 MHz is used for communication and data transfer. WLAN 802.11a/b/g communication is availabe as an option.


MYTIS is fully integrated in and supported by the latest WINDOX software. The standard content of delivery contains 2 licenses, one is running on the embedded PC, the other e.g. for data visualisation etc. on a standard PC in the control room.

Laser diffraction for Laboratory applications

QICPIC&GRADIS/L, click for specifications

HELOS/KR with gravity disperser GRADIS/L and VIBRI/L

For laboratory (i.e. off-line) laser diffraction analysis applications, please refer to HELOS.

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