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PICCELL, click for specifications

PICCELL (cover removed) is a unique combination of high speed image analysis with powerful wet dispersion
optimised for on-line applications: up to 450 fps with 1024x1024 square pixels, 1 ns exposure time,
displayed: PICCELL with flange for the sampling device on top.

Technical specifications and dimensions.

PICCELL combines the suspension flow cell of the LIXELL with the high speed image analysis of QICPIC in a single robust instrument, specially designed for on-line applications in the process environment. PICCELL can directly operate in combination with the representative sampler family TWISTER, sampling probes, the MIXER or user supplied samplers.

Like QICPIC in combination with LIXELL it combines innovative new techniques: a family of powerful, high pressure (up to 10 bar) stainless steel (V4A) flow cells with gap of widths of 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 , 4 and 10 mm adapted to the size range; a pulsed light source with an extremely short exposure time of less than 1 ns which enables clear cut images from fastest particles created by the dispersion process (100m/s would result in only 100 nm of motion blur); a high speed camera suitable to measure up to 450 images per second for high statistical relevance of the measured results and short analysis times. A built-in auto-focus aligns the flow cell along the optical axis for the optimum sharpness of the images.

PICCELL covers particle sizes between 2 µm and 5 mm in five measuring ranges. The primary measurement data is stored in 100,000 primary classes and can be evaluated in individually definable formats. Pre-defined sets of size classes allow an easy adoption to existing measurement specifications.

The WINDOX software offers simultaneous calculations of all relevant size and shape characteristics. A particle gallery in combination with multiple filter functions supports the evaluation of specific results, even if very large amounts of 10 million particles or more are stored.

PICCELL fulfils the security requirements of the FDA and is compliant to 21 CFR Rule 11.

Highlights of PICCELL

Particle size and shape analysis from 2 µm to 6820 µm in five measuring ranges.
Direct co-operation with the representative sampler TWISTER, simple sampling probes, the MIXER or user supplied samplers.
Efficient dispersion instead of software-based particle elimination or correction.
Quasi-static image analysis in a high speed particle stream.
Clear outline of particles, independent of the position in the measuring zone.
Definite borders of particles, black outline, transparent particles are no problem.
Very low statistical errors due to very high particle numbers.
User defined class limits out of 100,000 primary size classes, free definition of sampling points,
pre-defined sets of class limits are shipped with the software (e.g. HELOS classes, sieve classes, etc.)
A large number of evaluation modes are available,
evaluation modes are selectable even after the measurement:
  • particle size: basing on equivalent projected circle area, Feret diameters, etc.
  • particle shape: sphericity, aspect ratio and convexity
  • fibre evaluation: fibre length, fibre diameter, straightness, and elongation even of complex structures.
  • particle gallery: displays and prints a user defined selection of particles along with definable characteristic data
  • user specific evaluation: performs the evaluation of particle size and shape only on particles matching user defined filter conditions.
PICCELL fulfils the security requirements of the FDA and is compliant to 21 CFR Rule 11.

For image analysis applications in the laboratory (off-line) please refer to QICPIC.

On-line particle size and shape analysis
with image processing of highest order, 2 µm - 5000 µm

PICCELL Sampling

TWISTER 150, representative sampler

TWISTER 150 as an example of a representative sampling stage for PICCELL

For representative sampling the TWISTER family can be used and directly connected to PICCELL.

For homogeneous material simple sampling probes and the MIXER can be used.


As PICELL is operating at 450 fps collects up to 450 Mbytes of data per second, even the compressed are too much to be transferred directly into the control room.

Thus, the PICCELL control box contains a powerful embedded PC with a 2GHz Pentium M processor, 100 Gbytes of harddisk and a 100Mbit/1Gbit network interface. As all image data are calculated and stored locally, a simple industrial TCP/IP network is used for communication and data transfer.


PICCELL is fully integrated in and supported by the latest WINDOX software. The standard content of delivery contains 2 licenses, one is running on the embedded PC, the other e.g. for data visualisation etc. on a standard PC in the control room.

Image Analysis for Laboratory applications (off-line)

QICPIC high speed image analysis for off-line applications

QICPIC with wet disperser LIXELL

For laboratory (i.e. off-line) image analysis applications, please refer to QICPIC.

Symbol: Sympatec CactusSymbol: Sympatec Cactus
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