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SVA inserted into the basin of a SUCELL

Particle size analysis of supensions and emulsions with the wet disperser SUCELL
and inserted Small Volume Adapter SVA

The Small Volume Adapter SVA is an add-on for SUCELL, OASIS/L (SUCELL/L) and OASIS/M (SUCELL/M). It is designed as a basin in the basin and reduces the necessary amount of liquid for the particle size analysis of suspensions and emulsions from about 500 ml to less than 50 ml.

After manual insertion of the SVA into the SUCELL the software automatically detects the SVA and adapts the operating parameters accordingly (e.g. by reducing the maximum pumping speed and the rotating speed of the stirrer).

All standard functions of the SUCELL, i.e. filling, additive supply, circulation, degasing, draining and sonication are maintained using the SVA.

Insertion of the SVA

Case for SVA components Manual insertin of the SVA basin into the basin of the SUCELL Cover of the SVA unlocked

All parts of the SVA are stored in a case.

Manual insertion of the SVA into the basin of the SUCELL.

Mounting of the SVA cover with the lock in the released position.

Cover of the SVA locked Fill-in of water for the conduction of the ultrasound to the SVA basin Adjustment of the stirrer height, left SUCELL, right SVA

Locking all connections by simply lowering the lever.

Filling the SUCELL basin with water enabling the ultrasound to pass to the SVA.

Adjusting the stirrer height.

Small Volume Adapter

SUCELL& SVA ready for use

SUCELL with SVA inserted ready for particle size analysis of suspensions or emulsion of small volumes (< 50ml).

SUCELL& SVA ready for use

The sample can be introduced into the SVA through the top-lid e.g. with the help of a spatula, using the front part of the opening .

symbol: wet dispersion for suspensions or emulsions
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