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Precision vibratory feeder VIBRI suitable as feeding device for dry dispersers,

Technical specifications and dimensions.

A constant sample mass-flow is of decisive importance for powerful dry dispersing. The controlled vibratory feeding unit VIBRI, equipped with a built in amplitude controller feeds the sample constantly and independent of the load in the VIBRI funnel into RODOS or GRADIS.

The vibration power and the funnel height are controlled by software for product dependant and reproducible sample feeding. The funnel as well as the chute are available in different geometries and sizes, specially coated, conductive or non-conductive to satisfy the demands of your product.

For feeding devices for RODOS/L, GRADIS/L please refer to VIBRI/L

For safe feeding of smallest sample sizes please refer to ASPIROS.

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Dosing unit for dry powders from
milligrams to kilograms

Operating cycle

VIBRI Principle

  1. starting position: the particle rests on the chute
  2. the chute moves fast up and forward
  3. the chute moves fast back downwards
  4. at the reversal point of the chute movement the particle leaves the chute performing a free throw trajectory
  5. the particle falls down on the chute
  6. the chute moves down and backward to the starting position
  7. the chute moves up forward, transporting the particle forward

Vibri particle animated

VIBRI add-ons


VIBRI/R with rotating funnel 150 ml, best suited for very sticky material, e.g. coffee


Double hammer add-on for most effective cleaning of hopper and chute.


While the chutes with U shape are recommended for large samples sizes, the V-shaped chut is the prefererd choice for small samples. Both chutes are made of polished stainless steel. PFTE coatings conducting or non-conducting are available as option.


Hoppers can easily be selected from different sizes (150 ml and 1000 ml) and materials: stainless steel or alumina with conducting or non-conducting PTFE coating

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